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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click campaigns are a quick and effective way of bringing targeted traffic to your website. This is the process of setting up a selection of targeted adverts within Google’s Paid Search space for the key phrases that are most relevant to your business.

When people then search for these terms, they will see an advert for your website. Unlike SEO, you can get listed at the top of Google instantly.

As the name suggests, unlike a lot of online advertising channels, you only pay when someone clicks on one of your adverts and visits your website. This means you can potentially save a lot of money on wasted impression for users that will never turn into customers.

Pros of PPC Advertising

  • You can bring targeted traffic to your site immediately to the specific page you want
  • You Only pay when someone clicks on one of your adverts
  • It is easy to manage budgets as you can set daily / weekly limits on activity
  • There is instant access to data on ad performance, so you can make changes to improve the quality of your ads

Avoidable Cons

  • Inexperience in setting up Google Adwords campaigns can result in wasted money through targeting the wrong terms
  • Creating poor landing pages that are not relevant to the search term resulting in either high bounce rates, low conversion rates or both
  • High CPC (cost per click) rates due to bidding wars. Intelligent bid management can prevent paying over the odds for traffic

Targeting your adverts

Pay Per Click Services

The key to running a successful PPC campaign is great planning, having an organised account and having great adverts. There are many elements to a great PPC campagin, and I can help you create one that will generate you a great ROI.

PPC Keyword Research

Identifying which key terms and phrases will drive the most relevant traffic to your website to maximise conversions and therefore ROI.

Creating Ad Groups

Separating out different sets of keywords and grouping them together based on similarities, enabling more accurate ad serving to browsers.

Reviewing Landing Pages

Optimising landing pages for PPC campaigns can improve quality score, meaning your adverts are more likely to show as they are the most relevant.


Setting budgets based on what you can outlay and realistically expect to get in return from the activity.

Campaign Tweaking

Once a campaign has been running for a short while, I can look at tweaking the ad copy, timings and other amendments to try and improve ad performance.


Reporting on the success of the ads that have been running based on key performance indicators that we can set at the start of the project.

Convinced PPC can help your business?