Welcome to the Shine Search Blog

July 22, 2014

By Jack Stevens

So I have decided to start doing some Freelance SEO work. I have built up an extensive knowledge of the search marketing industry over the past 6 years and feel that the time is now right to start helping as many small businesses and individuals as I can to grow their business.

I have always enjoyed the variety that my career has thrown at me so far. I also enjoy the buzz and excitement of starting an SEO campaign from scratch on a new website.

To go with this, I am going to be writing some (hopefully compelling) blog posts on the Shine Search blog. I plan on providing my insight, tips, hints and various other thoughts on SEO, and generally the world of digital marketing.

To keep up to speed with what’s on the blog then the best way to do that is probably follow me on Twitter.

Keep watching this space…