Google Ranking Factors 2014

September 09, 2014

By Jack Stevens

So, Search Metrics have just released their study on ranking factors for 2014. Although this cannot be taken as gospel, they have a good sample size and have taken into consideration a number of alternative factors that can have an effect. The report is free to download if you want from this link and I recommend you do so. It’s 83 pages long so maybe don’t print it as I tried to do. Mainly for 2 reasons. 1. Save the Trees. 2. My printer cannot hack printing a document bigger than 3 pages. I have just posted up the infographic (courtesy of SearchMetrics) as it is the prettiest part that people might actually read.

One of the best things about the report is around the written analysis they do of the findings, so it is well worth a read for all SEO professionals. I’m sure that this will be a hot topic of conversation at the next Brighton SEO, which I plan to attend and blog about afterwards.

As we know, this list of ranking factors and their weighting will change. How quickly and drastically we don’t know, which is what makes the industry so exciting.

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Google Ranking Factors