7 Google Analytics Custom Reports To Help Analyse Ecommerce Activity

July 23, 2014

By Jack Stevens

Google Analytics Custom Reports are a valuable tool for measuring the value of any online activity you are doing. I have pulled together 7 custom reports that can make extracting data that little bit easier for you.


1. Site Speed Vs Conversion Rate

As site speed becomes more and more important for users and search engines, it is good to track how the speed of your site is effecting your conversion rate. If you start to see a trend that your site speed is slowing month on month and you have seen a noticeable drop in revenue or conversion rates that this can be a clear indication that you need to look at this and see if there is a way to improve your site speed.


2. Delivery Charges

Everyone knows that when looking in the Ecommerce Overview section, that the monetary values are inclusive of both VAT, and delivery charges. If your delivery charges vary from product to product, you might want an easy way to see how much you are making from shipping costs and if there is a way you can amend this to make it more profitable


3. Weekend Revenue

People often forget that you can automate activity over weekends for things like email campaigns and social, so why not exploit this? This report will let you see just the amount of revenue you have been making at weekends and then you can see if this is an area you can exploit


4. Time & Ecommerce

What time of day do you convert best? What day of the week? If you know this, you can target your campaigns for when people are most likely to buy on your site.


5. On Site Search Usage Vs Conversion

How does your site convert when people use the on site search function? If, for example you know that your conversion rate is 60% higher for users who do a search, then why not try and make the search function on your website more inviting, and try and drive people through this channel for maximum revenue?


6. On Site Search Terms

So now you know how your users convert if they use search, you can use this report to see what they have been searching for (if you don’t already have this information elsewhere) and then amend and tweak the landing pages for these queries to maximise exposure for certain products and provide the most relevant return possible for the users.


7. General Ecommerce Analysis

This report will just help you break down your analysis by browser, device, country etc but is useful to have

Hope this helps you with your efforts. Do post up any suggestions for other reports!