Bromley SEO

September 11, 2015
Bromley SEO LogoSeptember 10th 2015 marked the first proper meeting of 3 current or former SEO professionals in our local town of Bromley, South East London which has been cleverly named “Bromley SEO”. The three of us boast nearly 20 years combined experience working in SEO and the surrounding fields in some of the most competitive industries in the UK such as car insurance, breakdown cover, retail and banking.

The evening began in The Railway Tavern in by Bromley North station, a recently reopened Antic London pub that is now serving food and has a healthy selection of beers and ales. Then we headed to the Mount Everest Indian Restaurant on the high street for an excellent meal (discounted with the use of a Tastecard) and final ended in the recently renovated Swan & Mitre pub next door. This used to be a pretty average pub but the renovations have really brought this place to life and we sat on some exceptionally comfy benches which I would recommend trying.

Over the course of the evening there were many topics discussed but I asked each one of us to provide one main SEO tip to put in this blog post, so here they are:

“Don’t give out your best SEO tips at meetings and conferences and then you can be the one who stays one step ahead”
“SEO is like building a house. Start with the foundations before trying to build the roof. A lot is still to be said for ensuring your page is technically sound when it is set up and I think too many people focus on the ‘sexy’ side of SEO (content / outreach etc) and let technical things slip through the net.”
“SEO involvement is vital for a site redesign. You might have to shout to get heard, but it’s worth it!”

Here are a few bullet points about some of the other things that were discussed in various length throughout the evening in case you are looking for some topics of discussion for your next get together with fellow SEOs.

  • What are the legal implications of manipulating user reviews to increase star ratings in Google?
  • Is Google Analytics the best analytics package on the market? What are the alternatives?
  • What does an ecommerce manager actually do?
  • When should you be allowed to go on gardening leave?
  • When do networking or social events become bribery?

The evening ended with a fantastic business idea that is sure to be the next big thing. More details on this will be released in due course.

We have high hopes that the next #BromleySEO will be even more successful than this one and has the potential to grow into a fantastic meetup. Get in touch with Jack Stevens if you want more details about the next meeting or if you want to sponsor the event.