The Best Quotes from MeasureFest October 2014

October 08, 2014
By Jack Stevens

So today I attended #Measurefest, an analytics and CRO conference put on by Rough Agenda, the team that organise the increasingly popular BrightonSEO event in…erm, Brighton. Fortunately (for me at least) this event takes place in central London. There were 14 great talks from the day from a great mix of people so I thought I would summarise some of the key takeaways from the day by bringing you what I thought were the best “quotes” from each talk. Let’s dive in…

Beth Granter

“With monitoring tools, the speed of data capture is very important”

From her talk “A social media toolkit for research, engagement and measurement”

Also, here is a link to her Delicious tools she mentioned:

“Looking for the truth is the key to success… because truth leads to trust”

“Your web proposition might different to your overall business proposition”

From his talk “42 – Combining analytics with client data to uncover the Ultimate Question.” Liked both of these points so put them both in so not to do disjustice to one over the other!

Phil Wright

Matthew Jackson

“There is no point in having a website that does not engage its audience”

From his talk “Finding, understanding and using demographic data to boost website performance”

“Visual data is processed 60x faster than other data”

From his talk “Behavioural Insights and the CRO Life-Cycle.” So use charts and graphs to represent the data you have

Phil Haslehurst

“People are on the web not to enjoy your web design but to get something done”

From his talk “Behavioural Insights and the CRO Life-Cycle.” This was probably one of the quotes that resonated with me the most personally. Although not directly his quote as such it does flag the challenge that I have regularly of people getting bogged down with design and losing sight of what the end goal is and what people might be using that page for.

Mark Fassbender

Adam Lee

“Pointing your imagery to your call to actions can make them more noticeable”

“First impressions are massively important…89% of adverts are ignored by consumers”

From his talk “Attention testing to improve conversions.” Having imagery subconsciously directing users to CTA buttons was a really interesting idea that I am keen to try.

“Beware when reading case studies on blogs, they often leave out information such as length of test and sample size”

From his talk “The sensationalisation of A/B Testing and why it doesn’t work for you.” This is a good point regarding how people take these case studies to be gospel however what has worked for one blog or website doesn’t necessarily guarantee success on another.

Manuel da Costa

Ela Osterberger

“Remember, coding can be scary… but that shouldn’t stop you doing it”

From her talk “Don’t be afraid of APIs.” This was a really inspirational talk trying to push people to push themselves and get involved in an area that they historically have not.

“If you don’t know what Google Drive is, then you are probably at the wrong conference”

From his talk “Conversion Hacking Tracking – Using IFTTT to track conversions.” More of a light hearted chat from a talk that was engaging and thought provoking but also required high levels of concentration to keep up with it!

David Taylor

Panos Tsimpos

“Down weigh day 0 conversions. These users have a high purchase intent and the channel does very little to influence the conversion”

From his talk “Attribution Modelling with less guesswork.” Very interesting point about assuming that each channel is driving the same value from any given sale, even though one may have been an impulse buy and therefore the channel almost irrelevant in the decision making process.

“It’s all very well having the tools… you have to have the people to analyse the data”

“Your best analytics tool is your brain”

From her talk “Top Tools for Web Analytics”

Anna Lewis

Elayne Phillips

“Measure metrics that matter so you can say ‘we made a difference'”

From her talk “Measuring Behaviour Change in Government.” Really agree with this one, so many metrics that people report on, or want reported on, are too fluffy and not really telling you anything useful.

“The Scottish vote crossover was 18%…that’s over 1 million people”

From his talk “Did Social Data Predict The Outcome of the Scottish Independence Vote.” 1 million people liked both the YES and the NO campaign pages on Facebook. Incredible statistic

Ben Harper

Giorgia Martinucci

“Brands change the way you feel, change culture, enable flex and build communities”

From her talk “The importance of balancing brand & business using analytics”

“It is more important to reach the people that count, than to count the people you reach”

From his talk “Creating Clever Clusters – Segmentation for profit.” Probably my favourite quote of the day, and very relevant for a lot of digital marketers that target volume and traffic increases over segmentation and targeting relevant users.

Andrew Hood

Sure you will agree some really great quotes from the day. Looking forward to the next Measurefest already!

If you have any others that you think are better, Tweet me!