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Don’t Neglect Your Own Site Search Engine

I have come across many a business that has a real focus on driving more traffic to their website through traditional mediums including bromley seo, social media marketing, paid search. All of these (along with many others of course) are…

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Bromley SEO

September 10th 2015 marked the first proper meeting of 3 current or former SEO professionals in our local town of Bromley, South East London which has been cleverly named “Bromley SEO”. The three of us boast nearly 20 years combined...
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ricky martin

Stop Moaning about “Climb Online” from The Apprentice 2014

By Jack Stevens So we all saw The Apprentice 2014 final on Sunday, where 25 year old Aussie Mark Wright scooped the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar to open a new digital marketing agency, provisionally called “Climb Online.” Since this was…

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The Best Quotes from MeasureFest October 2014

By Jack Stevens So today I attended #Measurefest, an analytics and CRO conference put on by Rough Agenda, the team that organise the increasingly popular BrightonSEO event in…erm, Brighton. Fortunately (for me at least) this event takes place in central London....
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Google Ranking Factors 2014

By Jack Stevens So, Search Metrics have just released their study on ranking factors for 2014. Although this cannot be taken as gospel, they have a good sample size and have taken into consideration a number of alternative factors that can…

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Broken Link Building Promises

By Jack Stevens My last blog post was about how to get your website listed on Google, feel free to have a read of this if you want. This is a beginners guide to the various steps required to get your…

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Get listed on Google

How To Get Listed On Google

By Jack Stevens I often speak to people who are not even sure how you go about getting your website listed in the Google Search Results Pages (SERPs.) A lot of the time Google will start to pick up website without…

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What is an SEO Consultant?

By Jack Stevens A question that I get asked a lot is “so what is it you actually do?” It’s sometimes quite easy to explain, and sometimes not so much depending on the person you are talking to. Then, whilst visiting…

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7 Google Analytics Custom Reports To Help Analyse Ecommerce Activity

By Jack Stevens Google Analytics Custom Reports are a valuable tool for measuring the value of any online activity you are doing. I have pulled together 7 custom reports that can make extracting data that little bit easier for you.  ...
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Welcome to the Shine Search Blog

By Jack Stevens So I have decided to start doing some Freelance SEO work. I have built up an extensive knowledge of the search marketing industry over the past 6 years and feel that the time is now right to start...
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